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pro athletes

Most Athletes struggle with knowing who to trust with their money. 

We help use your money from signing bonuses & other guaranteed money to accumulate generational wealth for you and your family.

Plus we help you plan a smart salary so you can be aggressive and setup for the rest of your life and future generations.

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Anyone you trust to help you with financial decisions is welcome, including family, agents and other team members.

executive entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have many options to address. No company sponsored plans.

Many small and medium enterprises, while successful, struggle with health insurance, life insurance, and retirement plans for ownership & team members. Not to mention tax planning and strategy.

We help you build and protect generational wealth so you can focus on what you’re great at instead.

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self starters

I didn’t start rich and I wasn’t extremely lucky, in fact, if you know my story, you know that many times it was the opposite.

But… I was, still am and always will be, a SELF STARTER. After hundreds of thousands of dollars in coaching, a decade of practical in the trenches experience and building an 8 figure business in monthly sales from $2,000.

I shorten your learning curve exponentially.

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not sure?

We work best with highly motivated self starters, entrepreneurs and high achievers. That said, that kind of culture isn’t for everyone.

The best way to find out if we’re a good fit for you is to follow me on Instagram, join the monthly discord for two or three months, try the 21 day event or just plain ole’ reach out.

Chances are if you like what we put out on social media, at events and in conversations, you’ll like what we have to offer, and if you don’t then you probably won’t.

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Build. Scale. Sell.

Here is an opportunity for you to work with me! I have created a very special community catered to you.

I have linked $1,000+ worth of ebooks, investment opportunities, weekly zoom calls, social media strategies, and so many more opportunities in this community.

I hope to see you there soon! Be sure to come introduce yourself in the chat to begin networking and growing your business and brand!



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diamond financial group

Financial Planning Clients range from athletes to successful Entrepreneurs.

Many of our clients are accredited investors, and have average minimum income ranges from $200k to $1 Million in net worth.

However, the most important part about being a Diamond Financial Group client isn’t your income or net worth, but rather your discipline in being able to follow our proven system for building and protecting generational wealth.