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If you have made your way to this page, you are already one step closer to a level of success that you find fulfilling.

Trust me, I get the frustrations you have felt. I know how it feels to grind the late hours, weekends, no sleep, and losing time with friends and family in the process.

This is because you are PASSIONATE for what you are doing. That is admirable. People come to me when they are scaling their businesses and their brands to overcome the mental obstacles that you don’t learn in school. 

I help professional athletes, business owners and executives grow their brands and businesses through my Build – Scale – Sell mentorship program. We start from the ground level and work up to where you are at today, and fill the gaps.

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how I help athletes & entrepreneurs

pro athletes

Many professional athletes do what they do to bless family they will never meet long after they are gone. I help them establish this legacy.

They also understand the short shelf life of a professional athlete, and are not properly equipped for the transition to real life. This is another area of opportunity where I bring massive value.


My high level executive clients have lived the American Dream in building small businesses into thriving companies.

They constantly look for opportunities to become better leaders, and reward their employees. I have found that a financially savvy employee, is the best employee.

and of course

self starters

Finally, my self-starting entrepreneurs that are looking to break the threshold of multiple 6 figures into 7 figures also enjoy my services.

We again work ground up through the Build – Scale – Sell model. We work through branding, marketing, growth, automation, and identifying the ideal client and how to attract them.

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the common traits

The one thing all these clients seek out are the mindset coaching.

Much to the same extent that leaders around the world seek out Tony Robbins, or athletes like Kobe, MJ, and D Wade have sought out Tim Grover, I am a similar advocate to my clients and help them through mental obstacles to get to where they are going.

Above all, all of my clients join a unique network to where they are now inside of a growing community to which they can leverage relationships to grow.

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stop delaying. let’s get to work.

I help athletes and entrepreneurs

build and protect generational wealth

create personal brands and leave a legacy.

My name is Eric McNeil

and this is my story.

Eric is the proud owner and Sr Financial Advisor at his financial planning firm, Diamond Financial Group where they protect and grow generational wealth. 

Eric is also known for his 3 step business growth strategy, “Build Scale Sell” where he helps athletes and entrepreneurs grow their businesses and brands

DFG is a full service financial planning firm here to help you grow and protect your generational wealth. 

Services include wealth management, tax planning, insurance, and legal.