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annual millionaire mastermind

Hosted by | Eric McNeil

Build millionaire mindsets and skillsets while enjoying a day at sea with fully catered food and drinks, networking and business growth opportunities.

DATE: MAY 14th, 2022


millionaire mastermind

Clients around the  country work with me for my mindset mentorship, financial planning strategies, and network. 

This is going to be an opportunity for individuals to purchase 8 hours of time to learn hands on from me and a few Keynote speakers from my network. 

We will be reviewing million dollar mindsets, investment strategies, and business growth strategies. 

You will be able to present struggles you are encountering with your business and receive live coaching.

Then following the learning and coaching, you will be able to network with all other attendees to grow your network and client base.  We will also have an after party gathering to continue to network and build relationships.